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The Israel Journal of Psychiatry and Related Sciences. Much of the post-war literature in South Korea deals with the daily lives of ordinary people, and their struggles with national pain. Taiwan edit Since the 1990s, Taiwanese survivors have been bringing to light the comfort woman issue in Taiwanese society, and gaining support from women's rights activists and civil groups.

Weinberg, Gerhard A World In Arms, Cambridge; Cambridge University Press, 20 Fujiwara 19 Bix 2000 Watanabe, Kazuko "Trafficking in Women's Bodies, Then and Now: The Issue of Military "Comfort Women" pages 1931 from Women's Studies Quarterly Volume 27, Issue # 1/2, Summer 1999 page. The officers were ordered to deduct between 2,000 and 4,000 baht from allowances earned during their mission to monitor street protests between May and June last year, according to the complaint. "Former 'Comfort Women' Hold 1,000th Protest at Japanese Embassy".

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